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"Designed in 1981 by Tom Pritchard for the famed choreographer Eugene Loring, the house is both an architectural gem, and the former home of the Academy Award-nominated actor Willem Dafoe, who owned the house from 1988 to 2008."

- The New York Times

"Upstate house-ophiles are probably familiar with the Rubber House in Accord. The modernist home completely encased in neoprene was designed in the 1980s by Tom Pritchard for choreographer Eugene Loring, a fact that becomes clear when you see that the dance studio is still intact."

- The Upstater

"One of the best features of the house is that nature has a dialogue with it. The inside looks out, and the outside looks in."

-Interview Magazine


"What a wonderful place to stay! Gorgeous space in a great location. A perfect getaway for artists and architecture buffs."

- Ryan (guest, February '19)

"I highly recommend staying at the Rubber House! My wife and I had a blissful time relaxing in front of the fireplaces, cooking, and soaking in the tub. Very cool architecture and vibe. Easy communication w Dan and good restaurants nearby too. Loved it."


- David (guest, February '18)

"The Rubber House is a true gem! There are so many cool areas in the house to explore. You really do get to appreciate the nature of the Catskills while staying in the house. We even saw deer outside the window from the living room which was very peaceful. If you like to cook, you are in for a treat because the commercial grade stove is incredible! I have stove envy! It was also very nice so sit in the living room at night and stoke the fire while reading and listening to music."


- Gabrielle + Malcolm (guest, January '18)

"The Rubberhouse is truly special. The architecture is interesting and the interior choices match it."


- Sandra (guest, October '17)

"The Rubber House is a truly magical and unique place, perfect for an inspirational weekend retreat. "


- Guillaume (guest, August '17)

"Staying at the rubber house was perfect. From the early morning light to the starlit evening sky, the house invites you to soak in the hudson valley romance of upstate living. The kitchen is one of the more beautiful I have ever come across and made cooking always fun. The sun rises through the bedroom windows. The shower has an outdoor deck so you can dry yourself in the summer months by the sun. Every corner of the house is well thought out - a work of art. We hope to find a time to return and sink in a little more into the wonder and majesty of such a special place."


- Max (guest, August '16)

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